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Damage to the bloodstream is frequently the cause of impotency. About 80% of men who are suffering the symptom of impotency have problems with blood flow to the pennis arteries and/or problems with the erectile chambers. This can be due to blockages, leakage from the pennis veins or problems with the relaxation of the muscles within the penis.

Males who are within this category are the same as those people at risk for the purpose of heart disease; guys who smoke cigarettes, eat a diet plan high in body fat or bad cholesterol, or individuals who have high blood pressure. In many cases, these issues needs to be addressed by means of diet, physical exercise and defeating bad habits, instead of with medicines.

Many men have got impotence brought on by diabetes. Up to three away from four diabetics will become impotent. This is a severe medical concern. For solutions, please speak with an urologist that has particular training in impotency issues.

Medicines may cause difficulties with erections, male climax and sexual drive. There are more compared to 200 recommended and otc medications that could cause impotency and other lovemaking dysfunction difficulties. About 2% of all impotency is caused by medication. These medications may be those prescribed for high blood pressure or despression symptoms. Cold medications, antihistamines, diuretics, hormones like estrogen, anti androgens, beta-blockers and tranquilizers can also be a problem. To correct issues with medications, talk to the doctor who also prescribed the medicine for your problem. The dosage may then be securely lowered or the medication changed.

Approximately 10% of impotency is caused by damage to spirit or bloodstream from falls, accidents, constantly recurring stress; and from surgery or radiation treatment for difficulties such as prostate cancer or bladder cancer. Men that have surgery to get bladder or prostate cancer frequently possess injury to the nerves that cause erection, even with the so called "nerve sparing" procedures. Surgery for several other abdominal conditions can also cause injury to nerves or restrict blood flow to the penis.

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